Holistic practices truly represent empowerment for the client. 

Through the client/therapist relationship, the client comes to understand their stressors, and are better able to make the changes in their life to address them. Various massage techniques are incorporated into the sessions in order to better address a client’s concerns.

Livermore Bodywork & Massage concentrates on treating the underlying root causes of the problem, not just the symptoms. These Holistic practices can truly represent empowerment for the client. They allow those who want to take responsibility for their own well-being, the opportunity to do so.

Tracy Chesney, CMT (Certified Massage Therapist),  has been in the Health & Fitness industry for more than two decades. She specializes in treating clients suffering from chronic pain and discomfort, and those undergoing cancer therapies, and has established a reputation in the Bay Area as a compassionate, skilled and exceptional therapist and healer. By continually up-dating her education, you can be assured that you are getting the best in competent, experienced care.

Interactive clinical sessions focused on definitive areas of chronic muscle tension. Clients may be recommended exercises, stretches and/or self help activities between sessions as appropriate

Sessions tailored to the particular and specific needs of clients receiving or recovering from cancer-related treatments, may include lymphatic drainage techniques as well as other gentle & relaxing touch therapies.

Typically focused on one or two areas of the body, these sessions employ a broad range of techniques, found to be extremely effective to increase range of motion, release patterns of tension & enhance performance.

Therapeutic, integrative, long flowing strokes designed to calm the nervous system and relax exterior muscle tension, along with deeper work to release fascia, lengthen the muscles and increase well-being.

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Initial telephone consultation  - (10 minutes) - Free of charge; this will determine how I can help you - or occasionally,  I may refer clients to alternate practitioners if appropriate.

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